The company was founded by Karaman family in Topkapı, İstanbul in 1952 and started to produce construction pipes. The firm began producing electricity motor housings in 1975 and parts for agricultural machines in 1977. In 1989, the company has established the first induction furnace to increase production capacity and quality.

In 1998 Karaman Döküm have completed the first investment in Düzce; Main production facility located via D100 highway near İhsaniye, all activities have moved here and the cmpany made its first export in 1999. Since 2002, the company has allocated a large portion of it’s capacity to the energy sector and specialized in this field through it’s R&D activities. In order to increase capacity, company renewed its induction furnaces in 2004.

In 2013 it has been decided to specialize exclusively in the energy sector in existing facility and to make a new facility where the production of other industries will be there. In this regard, construction of the second production facility with a covered area of 7,000 m2 in Duzce 1.OSB had begun; in 2014 production began with FBO Sinton III N automatic molding line and 2x1250 kg crucible induction furnaces.

Today still Center (located in İhsaniye via D100 Highway) and Branch (located in Düzce 1.OSB) operates in 12,000m2 enclosed area in total, including the two manufacturing facilities in Düzce.

Karaman Döküm produces with high quality in gray and sifero castings with its 64 years of experience and steady growth in. Manufactured parts are used mainly in energy, automotive, valves, pumps, agriculture and machine manufactoring industries.

The primary objective of Karaman Döküm is to meet the casting needs of its customers, while maintaining its high product quality and maximum customer satisfaction with developing solutions to the customers’ problems with it’s in-house R & D activities.

Quality, R&D, investment, environmental awareness, educational understanding, teamwork and responsibility has become a part of daily routine in Karaman Döküm.

Karaman Döküm first started production with a monthly capacity of 12 tons;  today its capacity reached to 650 tons per month in one shift, with the ability to serve a wide range of industry with its knowhow, experience and quality. And the journey is still continuing...

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  • Facsimile: +90 380 537 54 58
  • info@karamandokum.com