Dear Partners,

Nowadays, our hearts are with patients and their relatives struggling with COVID-19; we are living the days we need to be joint more than ever.

As Karaman Döküm, our top priority is the safety and health of our Partners. Since the first day COVID-19 virus was detected in Turkey, we follow the developments closely, working on possible scenarios and we take all necessary precautions.

Some of the precautions we have taken so far are as follows.

Administrative precautions:

• COVID-19 crisis management team, including top management, was established.

• A questionnaire about the 14-day rule was applied to all personnel and sent for administrative permission who came from abroad or who were in contact with such a person.

• All our employees received COVID-19 awareness training by the workplace doctor and notices were posted at designated points.

• Visits abroad stopped.

• Except for emergencies, visits to/from outside the city have been stopped.

• Incoming visitors are limited.

• The visitors we must accept can enter with the use of masks and gloves delivered to them after the fever is measured with a contactless fever meter at the main entrance of the factory.

Precautions to ensure the health and safety of our employees:

• Shift planning was made to create a working environment in accordance with the social distance rule.

• The frequency of cleaning the service vehicles has been increased.

• The use of disposable masks and gloves has been made compulsory for service driver and employees during travel.

• The use of service vehicles has been planned according to the social distance rule and the number of vehicles has been increased.

• Disinfection processes of hand contacted surfaces are frequently applied.

• At the entrance of the shift, fever control of all our employees is done with a contactless thermometer.

• The cleaning frequency of areas such as WC, locker room, dining hall has been increased.

• Dining hall layout has been arranged in accordance with the social distance rule and has been made in shifts.

• Employees with complaints such as fever and cough were directed to the Hospitals.

• Water dispensers were closed for use, and water distribution was started with disposable pet bottles.

• Tea and coffee distribution were started with disposable paper cups instead of glass cups.

• Hand disinfectants are placed in the locations determined by OHS in the factories and administrative buildings.

• All our personnel are given mask and gloves daily.

• We have created a quarantine area for the incoming cargo, the packages are delivered to the relevant person after the disinfection is done in this area.

In addition, we continue to work on “Business Continuity Plans” to ensure the continuity of all our production processes during the current situation. And as of now, we would like to inform you that all our production processes continue to operate at 100%.

As Karaman Döküm, we would like to state that we are following the developments and changes all over the world, and that we will continue to inform all our Partners if the conditions change and/or additional precautions are put in place.

You can contact us for your questions, feedback or ideas. We thank you for your support and understanding and wish you healthy days.

  • Phone: +90 380 537 54 57
  • Facsimile: +90 380 537 54 58